Leaving San Francisco

Jez on the Cable Car

Today was our last of four days in San Francisco.

We had to check out of the Hotel Diva at 10am, which meant a lot of time between leaving our bags and our flight to NYC at 10pm. We decided to take a MUNI bus to Golden Gate Park which is home to SF’s botanical gardens, a museum and an art gallery. It’s a beautiful garden, an oasis in a busy city. I particularly loved the Japanese Garden located inside the park, with its quiet and calm vistas.

I have to say, there is nothing more satisfying than getting from A to B without a hiccup on public transport in a foreign country! The bus we caught to Golden Gate Park went up Haight St, which we thought was similar to King St in Newtown because of its shops and cafes.This city has a very relaxed and comfortable vibe.

We wandered around for a while, visited Sephora (brilliant make-up store not available in Australia) and other and then had to head back to the city and on to the airport for the red-eye to NYC.

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