New York

We arrived in NYC at about 7am this morning, exhausted after another overnight flight. We thought we were being clever by booking a few overnight flights to save on accommodation, but I’m not sure if we gain much if we arrive in a new city without a wink of sleep!

We jumped into a bright yellow cab and told the driver to drive to Times Square, where our hotel was. When we got closer we realised the street of our hotel was cordoned off by about seven of the biggest fire trucks I’ve ever seen! Never a dull moment in this city! We found out later it was an electrical fire across the road. The hotel we are staying in is amazing – about 30 seconds from times square and the room is just perfect.

We’ll spend tomorrow walking around the city and getting to know Times Square. I bought Jez tickets to a Yankees Game for his birthday so we’ll be doing that on Friday. I’m super excited to go to a baseball game! It’s a lot warmer in NYC so I’m finally able to put on some summery clothes. Love this city!

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