New York, New York

Well Jez and I are completely exhausted! We have walked and walked and walked! After the Yankees game on Friday we got off the subway at 86th street and walked through Central Park for the afternoon. The park is just beautiful – people walking, running, reading and picnicking everywhere!


Captain J. Longhurst then lead us on another long walk on Saturday. We walked to the Empire State Building and spent almost an hour waiting to get up to the viewing deck. I had even pre-purchased tickets on line to avoid the queue but the wait to get in the lifts was the killer! The view from the top is amazing! Well worth the wait. We then walked from Midtown through Greenwich Village and had dinner in Little Italy (a huge 18″ pizza…) and kept walking until we crossed the Manhattan Bridge in to Brooklyn. Jez wanted to take photos of the skyline so we watched the sunset over the city and walked back across the Brooklyn Bridge. We were exhausted!!

Yesterday was the 4th of July so we wandered down to the Hudson River to watch the fireworks. We found a great spot to see them and waited a few hours until they started – there was lots of red white and blue!!! Its sweltering hot here at the moment, its so muggy and there is no breeze to carry the heat away. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

Tomorrow is our last full day in NYC so we’re seeing some museums and then off to see West Side Story tomorrow night! I’m so excited!!!

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