We have stopped over in Ibiza for a few days to catch a glimpse of glorious sunshine and unbelievable nightlife. We’ve been to two mega-clubs so far, Privilege and Amnesia. These places are incredible! Privilege is the largest club in the world – it can hold up to 10,000 people at a time. The atmosphere is awesome because everyone is on holidays and having fun. However, fun comes with a price tag!!! I ordered two bacardi and cokes for us and it came to a total of 32 Euro!!! That’s about AUD$50. Haha, we could have bought almost three bottles of Bacardi for that amount!

Everything here seems to be overpriced thanks to the hoards of tourists that visit the Island. Playa den Bossa, the beach where we are staying, is touristy and borderline tacky. We went in to Ibiza Town last night for dinner and found some beautiful restaurants and night markets. We have really enjoyed our time in Ibiza… we will return!!

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