Barcelona Sightseeing

As I mentioned in my last post, Jez and I went up to Montjuic to wander and take some photos. We caught the bus up the mountain and walked back towards the city so that we could ride the sky gondolas that we had seen. We got off the bus at the Olympic stadium used for the 1992 summer games. It was small and unimposing which seemed very appropriate considering its surrounds. We passed many beautiful gardens and look outs, we even came across the olympic diving pool with the incredible view of the city (which was also used in a Kylie Minogue flim clip…)

Olympic Diving Pool

We rode a total of two sky gondolas that day – one looked like it was built this century and the other looked like it was built two centuries ago… The oldest one, by far the most harrowing experience ever, went from Montjuic mountain, over the marina to the Barceloneta beaches. The lady conductor shut the door and bolted it with a giant padlock – the ones they use to lock the gates at school. We were suspended high above a cliff face and then water on a very very skinny cable. We agreed that if anything, we’d be better off being killed on impact because there was nothing getting past that padlock!!! We walked off the near death experience along the beaches but I’m sunburnt on my shoulders and neck so I’m feeling a little sorry for myself!

Panic-inducing Sky Gondola

Other Sky Gondola, which took us up to the Montjuic Castle

Barceloneta Beaches

We went strolling along the Ramblas to work up an appetite for dinner before finding a restaurant to eat at in Placa Reial. Jez had lamb and I had a paella! It wasn’t an amazing paella but it was lovely having dinner in such a pretty place. I was fascinated by the lamp-posts in Barcelona. Placa Reial, amongst other places in the city, is home to lamp-posts designed by Gaudi.

On our last day in Barcelona we visited the Picasso Muesum which wasn’t far from our hotel. The museum opened at 10am and there was already a huge line to get in to the place at 9am! We spent a couple of hours there before packing our bags and checking out of the hotel. We enjoyed our time in Barcelona but we are looking forward to Germany!

Highlight of Barcelona: “Montjuic and not being mugged” – Jez

Lowlight of Barcelona: “Very questionable hotel club sandwich” – Jez

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