We left Berlin on Tuesday afternoon and caught the ICE train to Frankfurt. The train trip was only a four hour ride which gave us an opportunity to see a bit of the countryside. Given our only method of transportation on this trip so far has been by plane, it was a refreshing change. We got on at Berlin Hbf and discovered we had a compartment to ourselves. The landscape on the way out of Berlin was very interesting, lots of abandoned buildings, small houses and farmers gardens which turned in to lush fields and the occasional small town.

Our ICE train compartment

We had booked a hotel close to the train station so there was no need for a cab. As it turns out, the hotel was fairly close to the city’s red light district. Good one, Maddie. We wandered around the city after we had arrived and found it pretty quiet. It seems that after the bankers in their skyscrapers go home for the night, the city is fairly empty. It was nice to see a city with a skyline after our time in Barcelona and Berlin! We walked along the Main river and across some of the city’s bridges. On Wednesday we visited some of Frankfurts other attractions such as the Romer (the city hall) and the Zeil Strasse (the central shopping plaza). We had dinner in the Sachsenhausen district which is famous for its traditional German dishes and wonderful Apple wine. I had Pork Knuckle and sauerkraut for the first time and loved it!!!!

Frankfurt Skyline from the river.

To finish off our time in Frankfurt, Jez and I took a river cruise of the city. The city had a lot of construction projects underway, as well as many new apartments along the river bank. Much to our surprise, we both enjoyed our brief stay in Frankfurt. We didn’t know what to expect from the city, but we’re definitely glad we stopped over. Our next stop will the Nature One festival, outside of Frankfurt.

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