Hong Kong

Hong Kong Dec '11

Hong Kong Dec ’11

We arrived in HK at about 5pm after an 8hr flight from Sydney. I was surprised at just how exhausted we were after this flight as it wasn’t an overnight flight and didn’t have any stop overs. While we were able to get cheaper flights, this was at the expense of our sanity! Flying out on Boxing day meant that we had to rush through Christmas at breakneck speed, making things a little more stressful at a busy time of year.

Hong Kong is frenetic. From the top of the buildings to the alleyways and side streets, this city has an energy that will sweep you off your feet. Every nook and cranny of this city is being used. There are so many surprising bars, cafes and shops that I almost couldn’t see straight!

We are staying in a lovely hotel just above a shopping centre (oh how convenient!) which is just steps away from Mongkok MTR station. We have met with Jez’s school friend Andrew and his girlfriend Eva who have shown us around parts of the city, showing us shops and restaurants and subways and more shops and markets and more shops and bars and more shops….. needless to say, we were shattered after a day of running around their city!

There is a fantastic shopping complex in Causeway Bay where the entire building houses shops that are no more than 2msquared. There are endless numbers of shops selling anything and everything. It’s really just like a market but in a building, where the artisans make and sell their wares in a small shopfront. I bought a beautiful bag from a store in the building for a fraction of what it would cost me at home. I love this place!!

I was also able to score some other shopping loot… a new woolen coat, a few trinkets for gifts, all to go in to my suitcase! Maybe I should have brought two…?

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