Longest line ever.

There is nothing more infuriating than a line that is barely moving. You know the one: the queue for the cash register at Myers, the line at the post office, the drawn out wait for the doctor.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the longest line I have ever waited in:

I know it may not seem like a very big line from the photo, but we waited for a long, long time! We were waiting for a gondola to see the Buddha outside of HK. I think we waited for close to two and a half hours for the 20min gondola ride to the top. The line in the picture actually snaked to the left as well, along the side of the building there.

The view was amazing as you could look down at the international airport and it crosses a large water inlet. I’m not as concerned about heights, but if you were, this ride is not for you!!!

Our return ride on the gondola was cringe-worthy. Packed like sardines into the booth with a loud and obnoxious Brit. Longest 20 minutes ever. All in all, the gondola ride was spectacular but the touristy cafes and bars at the top were a bit of a let down.

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