Womb Club, Tokyo

For those of you who have followed our last overseas holiday, you will know our mission to visit the world’s most famous clubs. In Tokyo, we visited Womb Club for New Year’s Eve.

We enjoy clubbing and under Jez’s wing, I have probably experienced more of any culture through their moves and patterns on the dance floor than I have considering art or artifacts in a museum.

Tokyo was no exception.

Womb is tucked away in what is known as ‘Love Hotel Hill’ near Shibuya. It is essentially a concrete bunker that one descends into from the pedestrian street. As it was New Year’s it was packed with people, Japanese and American primarily. It seems that there are a number of Americans that spend semesters abroad in Japan (as well as Berlin…see our Berghain post) but I should also point out that there was an American DJ, Josh Wink, playing that night.

It was cramped, crowded and pretty uncomfortable in the hour leading up to midnight. After the count down to the new year, there was a rush to the exits and it was pretty spacious and fun for the rest of the night. Although the drinks were relatively expensive, we downed Asahi’s and a cocktail named ‘Kamikaze’ in rapid succession before dancing the night away.

We stumbled back to the hotel at about 4am, pleased with our clubbing efforts despite the cold. We were more than happy to sleep in that morning.

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