New Year’s haul in Shibuya

New Year's Sales

Every country does their ‘End of Year’ sales differently. The US have Black Friday, Australia’s boxing day sales are frenetic, but the Japanese have the best sales of all.

Department stores and specialty shops put together a goodie bag (apparently known as a ‘fukubukuro’) that customers can purchase. You can choose from different price ranges and each bag has a lucky dip of items.

The dazzling lights, bejeweled signs and frantic Japanese being spoken over the PA whipped me in to a frenzy. Naturally, the shopaholic in me jumped at the chance to purchase these things on sale. Jez, ever patient and wise, waited with me while I purchased two such bags.

Inside the bags I discovered a whole treasure trove of items. Including: Two beret’s, two scarves (one a mottled mauve and another black pashmina), a glittery headband, a keyring that looked a little like a voodoo doll, a pair of orange and navy footless tights and a floral set of stockings both by Vivianne Westwood. I have no idea when I shall wear these last two items.

While these items are all amusing in their own way, I was fascinated by the inclusion of a pair of Burberry socks. Does anybody actually purchase designer socks?! I must admit that it is rare for my own socks to have a matching partner – is this just me?? Do people buy designer socks that last a long time?

If you do happen to be in Japan at New Years, I highly recommend looking at the sales. However, it might be wise to plan what you would like to purchase on sale – electronics, skincare etc – before you brave the shopping mall.

Happy New Year!

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