Tokyo Tower

The New Year Celebrations

The New Year Celebrations

The Tokyo Tower, in true Japanese style, is a beautiful and functional tower.

It has a main observation deck, where you see the ‘2012’ sign to the left, and it also has the ‘special’ observation deck right at the very top. We visited both sections of the tower but we had to wait in queues for over an hour. I’m not sure if this was because of the time of year, but it did take a very long time to get up to the top observation deck.

The view from the tower is fantastic, as you can look down at the silvery-grey streets of Tokyo. One thing that surprised me was the number of flashing red lights that adorn the tops of buildings to indicate their height. The whole city seems to twinkle with red lights from every angle.

Although we really enjoyed the Tokyo Tower, we discovered that another taller, newer (and more impressive looking) radio tower is being built – set to open in May 2012. It will take over much of this tower’s capabilities. It would have been wonderful to see the new view from such an imposing new tower, the Sky Tower, but alas we are six months too early!

We did take a number of photos of the new Sky Tower on New Year’s Eve as it was close to Nakamise, where we were having dinner. I think it would be a fantastic spot to visit any time after May 2012.

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