What Was I Thinking?!?

I am an over-packer. I just like to be prepared, okay?

I’m guilty of packing too much because I hate being caught out. Delay at the airport? I’ll pull out my book, a magazine and a lonely planet. Hands dry at work? I’ll have a bottle of moisturiser, hand sanitizer, nail file. Meeting the Queen? I am sure to have some extra jewellery floating around in my bag. Sadly, no tiara.

While you’re traveling, you just don’t know what kind of occasions you might find yourself in! Hence my need to pack many, many things.

I’ll admit though there are times when I am on the road, I look in my bag and say to myself: “What was I thinking bringing that large bottle/hair straightener/lifetime supply of bandaids along?”

My favourite heels. Pretty!!!

On this trip, it seems that the item of most frustration was a pair of high heels.

Their appeal is obvious. Black, sleek, stylish, goes with everything, just right. They also happen to be surprisingly heavy because of the slight platform.

After the shopping expeditions, sales and souvenirs from both Hong Kong and Tokyo, they became cumbersome and irritating.

What’s worse… I didn’t even get to wear them. My initial dreams of dinners in swanky restaurants and nightclubs trotting these babies out were dashed as the thought of walking any great distance to these places (as Jez likes to do…) made me reconsider.

What on earth was I thinking?!?

Let this be a lesson to all: practical is best.

2 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking?!?

  1. Mads, you’ll just have to keep them on you at all times for future famous people sightings not to mention they can double as weapons. Who says they’re not practical??

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