I attempted flee the cold and miserable weather of Sydney to catch rays of sun in WA. I scrambled to Perth to visit my brother, Nick, who has moved to the other side of Australia for work. While I was so happy to see Nick, that sunshine that was so cruelly promised to me in July, totally avoided me until the very last day!

The city of Perth is quite small and very different to Sydney. I must admit that Sydney is uptight compared to beautiful, laid-back Perth. On the first day that I was there, Nick and his gorgeous girlfriend Amanda, took me to Swan Valley – a fantastic place with wineries and restaurants galore! IMG_0928

While my body wasn’t warmed by the sun, it was certainly nourished by all of the amazing food! The cafes and restaurants in Perth are fantastic, and most of them have fantastic views to boot:


Nick’s new town sure is beautiful! I really loved spending time in Perth and I think it would be a great place to live. It’s young, relaxed and it’s just a great place to take a break. Watch out Nick, I’ll keep coming back!!

IMG_0664A ‘died and gone to heaven’ breakfast with eggs, smoked trout and caramelised leeks!

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