Post Secret

The Enmore Theatre 16/04/13

Tonight I saw Frank Warren, of Post Secret, speak to an audience about the invisible network of secrets that connects us. His blog,, is one of the most visited blogs on the internet and has started a movement of sharing, revealing and healing our deepest and darkest secrets.

I have been visiting postsecret online every Sunday for at least the past 6 years. On Sunday, Frank posts new postcards that have been sent during the week and I always look forward to the postcards that are put up. Some are funny, some are moving, some are truly heartbreaking but they show us that we are all vulnerable.

Frank’s talk was amazing. He is part psychologist, part therapist, part motivational speaker! Something that really stuck with me was how open he was about his own struggles and the reason why his small project has become a world-wide movement. His idea was very simple and he started small – blank postcards asking you to share a secret – that struck a chord with millions. It has allowed us to look at our collective fears and struggles.

I think what Frank has done is so inspiring. He is asking us to make connections, meaningful links, with strangers. Frank and his postcards have changed lives.

While I don’t think I’ll be changing lives on my journey, I know that I am looking for those meaningful connections.

When I was in Rome on a family holiday in 2000, I remember visiting the Colosseum. It stands there so tall and proud, a tribute to the people who built it. As I placed my hands on the bricks of the beautiful building, it seemed unbelievable that someone had once stood there thousands and thousands of years ago, touching the bricks as I was. I felt like this connection between past and present was so profound because it made me appreciate the beauty of things that have been seen by humans for centuries, and then understand how important the things that are not seen, like relationships and families, are to us because they are an experience unique to us as individuals.

It’s not a secret anymore, but this trip will be the start of something truly amazing. Now I just have to open my heart, roll with the punches, go with the flow and wait patiently for lift off to arrive.

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