Yangshuo, China

The famous Li River, snaking over  400 kms, is like a scene from a fairy tale. The karst mountains jut out of the water, forming towering cliff faces that are mottled in greys, yellows and orange. Jez and I cruised down the river towards the next stop on our China adventure, Yangshuo.

Despite the torrential rain, we were able to see some wonderful landmarks, including the view of the karst mountains depicted on the 20yuan note. The landscape here is truly unique.

Obviously this rare attribute has many tourists flocking to the area which, perhaps, damaged the quiet serenity that I expected to find. I had read that Yangshuo was a small town but the place is teeming with tourists so the locals have tried to accommodate, complete with English bars, souvenir shops and even a McDonalds.

Along with the torrential tropical rain, we had to fend off the hoards of mosquitoes and Yangshuo had plenty of them! There is nothing more irritating than hearing that high pitched buzzing around your head as you try to sleep. You’ll all be pleased to know that we got all 5 mozzies that invaded our room, and I think I achieved a new PB of 3!

The next few days are going to be busy as we’re moving on a tight schedule. Our next post will be from Chengdu in China’s Sichuan province.

View from the hostel's bar

View from the hostel’s bar

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