Chengdu, China

From Yangshuo, we flew to Chengdu in central China. We had to reschedule our flight about a week beforehand and settled on a flight that was meant to arrive at 12:30am. Waiting at the airport, our departure time came and went but there was no sign of our plane.

When we did finally get on the plane, we took off at 12:20am and straight into a huge storm. It was a surreal experience to watch lightening cracking within the storm clouds from above the storm itself. I think it was during the turbulence of this flight that I realised I do not particularly like flying.

So these storms and a late plane meant we arrived at our hostel at 3:30am. We were exhausted after a full day of traveling.

We only had a brief stay in Chengdu before we went on to China’s national park, Jiuzhaigou, but it is a lovely city. It was certainly more metropolitan than Guilin and we thought it had a European feel with its wide boulevards and ornate bridges. We visited part of the city called ‘big alley’ and ‘little alley’ because it had beautiful historic houses. Nowadays, they have become a busy tourist attraction and the buildings have turned into shops and restaurants.

No stay in Chengdu would be complete without a visit to the Panda Research Centre to ooh and ahh over the Panda cubs. We spent the morning watching these funny creatures eating bamboo and being lead by a tour guide who knew no more than 5 words of English, which made things interesting!

Our next stop is Jiuzhaigou and we are really looking forward to visiting the national park there.

Hungry Panda bears!

Hungry Panda bears!

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