Hangzhou, China

Friends and acquaintances alike have described Hangzhou as the most beautiful city in China. Despite the torrential rain and mist that quite literally dampened our visit, I definitely agree with them.

West Lake bridge

West Lake bridge

Our hostel was tucked away in a pedestrian street near the Drum Tower, surrounded by shops and specialty stores selling silks and tea. It was a 20 minute walk from Hangzhou’s famous West Lake and we enjoyed walking amongst the crowds on the Friday night, especially with the tempting smells of dinner from the hawker stalls!

As the mist rolled across the City, we ambitiously set out to walk the entire perimeter of the West Lake. It was no easy feat, as the walk took about 4 hours in total. There were so many beautiful vistas, weeping willows touching the water and pagoda’s gently resting alongside the lilypads that around every corner there was ‘the perfect’ photo opportunity.

West Lake 2

West Lake 2

Walking home from our lake expedition, we came across a shop with a large crowd gathered in front. If nothing else, traveling has taught me that if there is a crowd, you follow it! My instincts to zone in on the shop paid off as they were selling the most delicious desserts – crepes filled with peanuts and ice cream. The crowd was drawn to the shop as shavings were hacked from a humungous block of peanut brittle and placed on the crepes, then scoops of ice cream were added before it was folded and wrapped up tightly. The perfect on the go snack!

Look at that block of peanut brittle!

Look at that block of peanut brittle!

While we were not able to venture very far around Hangzhou because of the rain, I think that we would definitely visit the city again to see what it has to offer when the sun is shining.

One thought on “Hangzhou, China

  1. Wow, you guys are having a great time there. Wish we were there too!

    All seems OK here. Nick is going back to Perth tomorrow. Charlotte is wrking hard as ever. Chris the painter is doing the garage ( we have the new door!) and Mum is working hard as ever.
    It is finally getting cool here so we hav eteh heaters on again.
    Enjoy yourselves there and be safe.

    Love the blog notes and the photos are excellent too.

    Love Dad and Mum.

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