The Bund, Shanghai, China.

The symbol of Shanghai, the ‘museum of buildings’, whatever you want to call it, The Bund is a must-see for every visitor to Shanghai. The most impressive time to visit is night time as the river and it’s foreshore comes alive and swarms with activity.

The Bund

The Bund

The Bund is a perfect apex of old and new. You have the impressive architectural stamp of the bygone colonial era standing proud, opposite the modern Pudong financial district on the other side of the Huangpu river. On weekends, the Huangpu river is a thoroughfare of cruise boats, luxury liners alongside tankers and tugboats.



The thing that I liked most about the Bund was the wide promenade that was packed with people. While this means it’s almost impossible to get a photo without someone walking through, it makes for fascinating people-watching. The majority of these people would be foreigners to the city of Shanghai, the spectacular skyline brings people of all nationalities together.

In one instance, I saw two men, one of Chinese and one of Eastern European appearance, mime enthusiastically over the quality of the Chinese man’s camera. The specifications, the angle, the lighting, there was a whole conversation happening through facial expressions and hand gestures! As we were leaving, yuan (Chinese money) were being waved about as the European man offered to buy either the camera, or the photo… I couldn’t quite follow the conversation from that point, but I hope that they could!

Along the foreshore.

Along the foreshore.

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