Warsaw, Poland.

Alternative title: When we lived above the doughnut shop.

As we zig-zag through Eastern Europe, we have found that there are a number of striking similarities between cultures. There are clear spirits in ample supply; delicious, tasty morsels of dumplings served everywhere and finally, an obsession with fried dough.

I am not complaining!

Nowy Swiat looking towards the old town

Nowy Swiat looking towards the old town

We chose to stay at a guesthouse just off Nowy Swiat, a leafy and attractive street leading through to the Old Town because of it’s central location. The room was three floors up and not having the greatest view, we left the window wide open. Why? Well, to catch the intoxicating smells of the doughnut shop below as they cooked and glazed and sprinkled their way through the day. Jez thinks that they smelt like KrispyKreme, but believe me they were far superior!

Heavenly doughnut with peanut caramel filling

Heavenly doughnut with peanut caramel filling

Even though we maintain that our senses were impervious to the unregulated sugar levels, we found that Warsaw had character and charm enough for us to feel enchanted by it’s old town and equally mesmerised by the new building works of the past 30 years. Warsaw was essentially flattened by Hitler during WW2 but the city seems determined to mend the wounds. We visited the museum of the Warsaw Uprising, detailing the Polish resistance to the German invasion, inviting visitors to appreciate the enormity of the damage inflicted upon the city but to help heal the scars as well.

Warsaw's Palace of Science and Culture

Warsaw’s Palace of Science and Culture

One of the most enduring ‘scars’ of Warsaw’s story is the Palace of Science and Culture, a gift from Stalin to the people of Poland. An imposing and grandiose structure, the building stands out in the Warsaw skyline and certainly matches it’s siblings , the Seven Stalin Sisters of Moscow. Nowadays the building holds a cinema, a museum as well as numerous conference halls.

A square in Warsaw's old town.

A square in Warsaw’s old town.

If nothing else, we felt that Warsaw was a lively and youthful city, a culmination of the city’s history and the positive outlook for it’s future.

6 thoughts on “Warsaw, Poland.

  1. Hi Mads, your mum has told me about your blog. I love it!! I have been reading it for a while on this adventure… You write so well. Sounds like china was fabulous. Ian was in china at the same time you were, can you believe that? Enjoy your travels. Love Dan

    • Hi Dan! Thanks for reading my little blog!!! China was fantastic, we really loved it! Was Ian in China for long? How funny! Love to everyone 🙂 xxx

    • Hi Greg!! We’re enjoying every second of it 🙂 thanks for reading my blog! I’ve been thinking of your clan a lot, I hope the next few weeks are filled with beaming smiles!! Give my love to all! Xx

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