Prague, Czech Republic.

It’s funny how you switch off from your daily rituals while traveling.

At home I would get up, open my laptop and have breakfast while reading the news. I have looked at those news sites twice, at most, over the past 7 weeks. So it was no wonder when we started receiving e-mails with comments like ‘really concerned about the weather situation’ or ‘I hope it improves for you’ we were a little surprised.

Yeah, I thought. The weather hasn’t been what I expected… I hope it improves too! I’d like sunshine and 25 please!

Of course, without my daily news intake I had no idea that there was a disastrous situation in Eastern Europe where floods had devastated small towns and rivers had broken their banks.

On our way to Prague, we learnt that there had been terrible flooding in the Czech Republic. Initially we were concerned that we wouldn’t be able to visit the city at all but we were assured that everything was fine. Despite the floods, we arrived in Prague to a beautiful spring afternoon, walked around the old town as the sun was setting and watched the astronomical clock dance above the sea of tourists.

Old Town Square

Old Town Square

The famous Prague astronomical clock

The famous Prague astronomical clock

The city had put barricades up on the roads closest to the river as a precaution, so there were a few streets that were essentially deserted by pedestrians and shopkeepers alike. The biggest disappointment was that Charles Bridge was closed to the public due to the flooding. A breathtaking example of Gothic architecture, the bridge has stood steadfast since it’s completion in about 1402. Regardless, I suppose there is even more of a reason for me to return someday!!

The viewing tower

The viewing tower

One of our favourite experiences in Prague was the Viewing Tower, positioned high upon a hill looking over the city. It was a miniature of the Eiffel Tower, complete with steps to two different levels. We did a lot of climbing that day, both up the hill and up the tower, but I think you’ll agree it was worth it

The view from the top, looking down to Charles Bridge.

The view from the top, looking down to Charles Bridge.

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