Mykonos, Greece.

We caught the ferry from Santorini to Mykonos because that’s apparently what you’re meant to do between the islands. We were waiting at the port for our ferry to arrive and when it did, my heart sank. It was dwarfed by the huge ferries and looked a little old.

Getting on the ferry was an experience in itself, with crew stacking bags on top of one another in a game of luggage Jenga while they shouted “free seating” at those looking at their tickets with puzzled faces. We sat in the middle section of the lower deck and settled in for our two hour ferry ride.

Now I’m not familiar with traveling by water over long distances, but this one has turned me off ferry travel completely. Not only was the weather ‘inclement’ but the waves were as tall as I am! We bounced and bounded across the water in our fun-sized ferry, every so often being thumped by a wave to which most passengers would gasp or squeal. The crew put their sea legs to good use by offering sick bags to half the passengers.

Jez and I tried to distract ourselves from the seasick noises and smells with the mini-tv that was playing an episode of what looked like ‘Extreme Deep Sea Fishing Adventures’ complete with a montage of boats being swamped by monster waves. Surprisingly, this did not help!

When we arrived at Mykonos a good two and a half hours late, we met with the owner of the hotel who was collecting us from the boat. “Oh yeah,” he said, “this boat is always late. But your crossing wasn’t so bad, I don’t see any ambulances around. There were two last week!”.

Mykonos town

Mykonos town

We immediately decided that renting a quad bike was the thing to do for our first day on the island. We zoomed around the island, about the same size as Santorini, to scope out the beaches we would want to return to. There were beautiful sandy beaches that we earmarked for the next few days, but we really wanted to spend time at at Paradise and Super Paradise beaches.

Beautiful bays.

Beautiful bays.

Our Friday night we spent at Paradise club (on Paradise beach) which was hosting a Ministry of Sound night. We met a few Aussies there and danced the night away under an almost-full moon and by it’s reflection on the water. We polished off the night with a tasty gyro (yeeros kebab) – we felt it was the right thing to do!

View from the hotel!

View from the hotel!

Mykonos definitely had more nightlife and things to do than Santorini but we loved the relaxed and laid-back feel of the Islands.

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