Split, Croatia.

Our time in Novalja left us feeling a bit worn out and the 6 hour bus ride to the Croatian city of Split was the last thing we needed. Crowded, stuffy and hot the bus made it’s way down the Dalmatian Coast stopping occasionally for the drivers to have a smoko.

While there were some amazing views to be seen along the coast like water seemingly clearer than glass, jet black rocks against the bright blue sea, and families enjoying the small coves and beaches, time practically stood still.

The harbour front with Diocletian's palace in the background.

The harbour front with Diocletian’s palace in the background.

When we did arrive in Split, it was hot and sticky but it was teeming with thousands of people in transit to other Croatian islands. There were tourists and travellers everywhere!

The city of Split was almost entirely contained within the walls of Diocletian’s Palace until the 1960’s when the socialist federations of Yugoslavia experienced huge economic growth. Diocletian, a Roman emperor from 286 to 305AD, built himself a rather lovely holiday palace on the water which became the centre of Split.

Split’s harbour is full of ferries, cruise ships and super yachts, which at times made it feel like a place to ‘be seen’, but not overly pretentious.

Part of Split harbour.

Part of Split harbour.

By chance we were able to catch up with our lovely friend Amanda and her travelling buddy, Erin. We spent our last day in the city with them and walked to a beautiful beach where the locals enjoyed cooling themselves during the 37 degree day!

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