Rome, Italy.

Rome is a city that can’t easily be put in to words.

The Colossuem

The Colossuem

The history buff in me was gobsmacked as to how a modern metropolis can exist surrounded by antiquities. Seeing the huge, ancient aqueducts running parallel to motorways was strange. I wonder how the Europeans do it, if they notice these monuments as I have? At home, I love driving across the Harbour Bridge. I find it such a thrill and a sense of comfort to see our beautiful city (and a glimpse of the harbour if there’s traffic…). I am so grateful to see these things regularly (the harbour, not the traffic!)

But is it the same as a city like Rome, where, in one glance you can see two thousand years of history?

The view from Medici park.

The view from Medici park.

We spent our days walking around the streets of Rome and managed to find surprising nooks and crannies of the city that were certainly ‘off the beaten track’. We found respite from the heat in the cool parks high on the hills of Rome and the leafy squares of Trastevere where the locals sat by water fountains.

We slurped on granita with fruity syrup, ate gelato at speed, grappled with the spring water fountains and salivated as every pizza place we walked past smelt divine.

Our highlight for Rome was the food tour that we took on a balmy Thursday evening where we had wine, gelato, pizza, pasta, mozzarella… No wonder our clothes felt a little snug! We visited one of Rome’s most reputable bakeries, famous for their bread and pizza. We were able to gain VIP access to the kitchens and saw the dough being prepared for the next day’s trading.

This one is for you Milly, how many pizza's could you make with THAT?

This one is for you Milly, how many pizza’s could you make with THAT?

Another stop on the food tour was a wine cellar in a room over two thousand years old. This stop was rather early on in the food tour and I’ll admit I was a little merry. Just as well there were other merry people who were able to take our photo!

Wine cellar in Trastevere

Wine cellar in Trastevere

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