Amsterdam, Holland.

Amsterdam looks good on paper. It’s got everything a tourist could need, some bikes and a few more canals than other cities (for the perfect photo opportunity!). There are museums and beautiful buildings and there was a lot of stuff I wanted to see.

In an effort to embrace this unique city, we enrolled for a bike tour on what the locals were saying was the hottest day of the year (actually, it was the hottest day of the past few years at 37 degrees Celsius). Amsterdam is THE city of bikes so it was all smiles as our group set off to see the sights of the city on two wheels.

Our guide had warned us that there would be some busy parts of the city, but that we (all twenty people on the bike tour) would all be able to stick together and as long as we all watched the person in front, he hadn’t lost anyone yet!

Well, I got separated from the bike tour.

Look, I know what you’re thinking. I can ride a bike. I can go fast but I generally like to go at a leisurely pace. I hate riding a bike in traffic. I won’t tell you the particulars but I returned safely, in one piece, pride slightly bruised.

The Prinsengracht canal - Anne Frank's House is next to the church.

The Prinsengracht canal – Anne Frank’s House is next to the church.

My favourite part of Amsterdam was our visit to the Anne Frank House. It will remain a very special part of the trip for me for many reasons. I read The Diary of Anne Frank in the lead up to our visit to Amsterdam because I had actually never read it before. I knew the premise of the diary but nothing could prepare me for how heartbroken I felt when I finished it – I felt as though I knew her.

The Anne Frank House is the house where Anne, her family and four others, hid from the Nazi’s. It is now a museum and if you have the chance to go, I would highly recommend it.

We also spent an afternoon at the Van Gogh Museum, admiring brilliant works of art. We found that Amsterdam was, in itself, a very lovely museum and art gallery all rolled in to one.

The sun setting in Amsterdam.

The sun setting in Amsterdam.

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