Brussels, Belgium.

After Tomorrowland, we had scheduled another few days in Brussels to recover and to see the quaint and very international city. We were staying near the offices of the European Union, Brussels being the unofficial epicentre of the European Parliament. It was amazing to overhear conversations that switched from French, to English, then to Dutch in a matter of moments. Belgians truly are multi-lingual!

We walked into the centre of town and the famous main square which must be one of the most ornate squares in Europe! The statues and frescoes and gold-gilded figures were quite imposing.

Brussels main square.

Brussels main square.

We managed to withstand the constant onslaught of signs telling us that the best waffles and chocolate and biscuits in the world were right in front of us, we settled for Belgian potato frites instead. For a small country, Belgium seems to have their fair share of famous food!

We were also fascinated by the architecture in Brussles, most houses designed in the style of Art Nouveau. There were so many beautiful buildings overlooking lush parks and rivers that we decided Brussels was a very attractive city.

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