The first stop.

If there is anything I love more than the company of my close friends, it’s food. When you put those two things together, I’m in heaven!

The best night ever!

The best night ever!

For the first few days of our adventure, Jez and I spent time with our friends Amy, Andrew and Eva, who live in HK as well as our mate George who is travelling the world for the next 18months.
We had Michelin starred pork buns, Sichuan hot pot, Portuguese egg tarts and the best cocktail I’ve ever tasted at the MGM grand in Macau. There is such a variety of foods to have in Hong Kong, it’s difficult trying to pinpoint a favourite.
On Friday we visited Tim Ho Wan, a famous Michelin starred yumcha restaurant. This place is renown for their delicious pork buns. Instead of a pillowy steamed bun, these buns have a crispy outer layer and a doughy base. They are certainly different to every other style I’ve tasted and the texture is unique!
HK is a very easy city to visit, not just because we know people who live there, but because it is so welcoming and efficient! The infrastructure, the MTR , the trams, the shopping hours, the restaurants all make this place a great place to visit.


Longest line ever.

There is nothing more infuriating than a line that is barely moving. You know the one: the queue for the cash register at Myers, the line at the post office, the drawn out wait for the doctor.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the longest line I have ever waited in:

I know it may not seem like a very big line from the photo, but we waited for a long, long time! We were waiting for a gondola to see the Buddha outside of HK. I think we waited for close to two and a half hours for the 20min gondola ride to the top. The line in the picture actually snaked to the left as well, along the side of the building there.

The view was amazing as you could look down at the international airport and it crosses a large water inlet. I’m not as concerned about heights, but if you were, this ride is not for you!!!

Our return ride on the gondola was cringe-worthy. Packed like sardines into the booth with a loud and obnoxious Brit. Longest 20 minutes ever. All in all, the gondola ride was spectacular but the touristy cafes and bars at the top were a bit of a let down.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Dec '11

Hong Kong Dec ’11

We arrived in HK at about 5pm after an 8hr flight from Sydney. I was surprised at just how exhausted we were after this flight as it wasn’t an overnight flight and didn’t have any stop overs. While we were able to get cheaper flights, this was at the expense of our sanity! Flying out on Boxing day meant that we had to rush through Christmas at breakneck speed, making things a little more stressful at a busy time of year.

Hong Kong is frenetic. From the top of the buildings to the alleyways and side streets, this city has an energy that will sweep you off your feet. Every nook and cranny of this city is being used. There are so many surprising bars, cafes and shops that I almost couldn’t see straight!

We are staying in a lovely hotel just above a shopping centre (oh how convenient!) which is just steps away from Mongkok MTR station. We have met with Jez’s school friend Andrew and his girlfriend Eva who have shown us around parts of the city, showing us shops and restaurants and subways and more shops and markets and more shops and bars and more shops….. needless to say, we were shattered after a day of running around their city!

There is a fantastic shopping complex in Causeway Bay where the entire building houses shops that are no more than 2msquared. There are endless numbers of shops selling anything and everything. It’s really just like a market but in a building, where the artisans make and sell their wares in a small shopfront. I bought a beautiful bag from a store in the building for a fraction of what it would cost me at home. I love this place!!

I was also able to score some other shopping loot… a new woolen coat, a few trinkets for gifts, all to go in to my suitcase! Maybe I should have brought two…?