Ibiza, Spain.

Ibiza was our holiday from our holiday. Believe it or not, you can get tired of sight seeing! We scheduled a ridiculous three weeks on the White Isle so we could spend days at the beach and the nights dancing away. When you move from city to city three days at a time like we had for three months, three weeks in one place was a huge commitment.

Promo people parading on Playa den Bossa

Promo people parading on Playa den Bossa

Inside Privilege club - one of the biggest in the world.

Inside Privilege club – one of the biggest in the world.

We spent a week on the beach at Playa den Bossa, one of the biggest resort beaches on the island. The apartment we rented was so close to the beach and almost half of the island’s clubs, Ushuaia, Sankey’s and DC-10. Of course, Ibiza is a large island and we wanted to see as much of it as possible. Another popular place on the island is San Antoni which is well known spot for watching the sunset. Friends we met at Tomorrowland were staying not far from San An and had a fantastic view overlooking the water so we had dinner and drinks waiting for the sun to set.

Looking back to Ibiza town.

Looking back to Ibiza town.

The last two weeks we spent in Ibiza Town, the main city and port of the island. It has been a fabulous place to stay because of the shops and restaurants moments from our doorstep. We spent a few days wandering around the old walled city and the marina, both swarming with people from about lunchtime until 2am.

We caught buses to different places on the island, including Santa Eularia, another popular beach resort with visitors to Ibiza. We did see a bit of the island but not as much as we had hoped. August is the busiest and hottest month so there were some days that we were happy to relax on the beach…followed by a siesta!


We have stopped over in Ibiza for a few days to catch a glimpse of glorious sunshine and unbelievable nightlife. We’ve been to two mega-clubs so far, Privilege and Amnesia. These places are incredible! Privilege is the largest club in the world – it can hold up to 10,000 people at a time. The atmosphere is awesome because everyone is on holidays and having fun. However, fun comes with a price tag!!! I ordered two bacardi and cokes for us and it came to a total of 32 Euro!!! That’s about AUD$50. Haha, we could have bought almost three bottles of Bacardi for that amount!

Everything here seems to be overpriced thanks to the hoards of tourists that visit the Island. Playa den Bossa, the beach where we are staying, is touristy and borderline tacky. We went in to Ibiza Town last night for dinner and found some beautiful restaurants and night markets. We have really enjoyed our time in Ibiza… we will return!!